Leietheater Deinze was shortlisted for the Fritz Höger Award 2020 for Brick Architecture.


TRANS wins Belgian Building Awards 2020 in the category ‘Build2Work’ for VAN HOOREBEKE TIMBER

TRANS has been shortlisted for the EU Mies Award 2019 with Ryhove Urban Factory

TRANS has received the ‘Special Mention for Young Architects BigMat ’19’ with the project Balenmagazijn Gent

Ryhove Urban Factory has been nominated for the RES Award 2019

TRANS has been nominated for the Jo Crepain Award 2019

Ryhove received a special mentioning for the Architizer A+ Awards 2019

Ryhove Urban Factory has been nominated in the category ‘New Way of Working’ for the BBA 2019

Kerkhofhuisje Dilbeek has been selected for the Provenciale Architectuurprijs Vlaams-Brabant 2015

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