03.10.2022 - The ‘Gent Waste Brick for DING’, a low carbon brick made from recycled municipal waste from the city of Ghent is certified and is declared fit for use! The bricks have undergone a robust development process that includes testing against European norms. Made from 63% waste, the unfired bricks have only 1/3 the embodied carbon of a typical clay brick over a 60-year life cycle. Residents will be given the opportunity to help make a brick as part of the museum’s unique engagement programme. Thanks to @designmuseumgent @sogent9000 #vlaanderencirculair @bcmaterials_org @localworkstudio @carmodygroarke @transarchitectuurstedenbouw Image: @cinzia_romanin @thomas_noceto
03.10.2022 - Lecture 20.10.2022 Kortrijk
07.08.2022 - The mock-up of the crown elements was installed at the Felix construction site.
07.07.2022 - Vacature! Vacancy!
06.07.2022 - Vacature! Vacancy!
05.07.2022 - Vacature! Vacancy!
05.07.2022 - We submitted the permit package for our project at the Botanical Garden of Meise.
29.06.2022 - A view inside TRANS is published in A+ 296
15.06.2022 - Ryhove Urban Factory is featured in Architectuurkwaliteit Vandaag.
05.06.2022 - 2022 EUmiesAWARDS EXHIBITION 03/06 – 07/10/22
05.06.2022 - The Great Transformation – The work of TRANS is part of “PREFIGURATIONS, an exhibition on Architecture and Transitions.” More info:
04.05.2022 - The Design Museum received a building permit and the tender documents for the execution of the works have been published.
02.05.2022 - Studie Arsenaalsite will be part of the travelling exhibition about Urban Renewal.
22.03.2022 - TRANS will give a lecture in Istanbul on 24/03/22
22.03.2022 - TRANS will give a lecture in Leuven on 23/03/22 about some recent projects
13.12.2021 - The team Matexi/RE-ST/TRANS has won the competition to transform an exceptional modernist building in Genk and complement its silhouette with slender additions to come to an S-shaped residential ensemble.
02.12.2021 - Deelfabriek Kortrijk, DC Gentbrugge and Aarlen Trier published in A+ nr. 292
19.11.2021 - We are excited to announce that TRANS won the competition for a new fire station near Ghent. The building will have a timber structure and it will offer a professional and comfortable workplace for the emergency services.
28.10.2021 - Construction work has started on the transformation of the Gentbrugge service centre designed by Paul Felix
26.10.2021 - De Schoor Turnhout, was published in Toolbox Dorpse Architectuur
25.10.2021 - The contract for the renovation of the Deelfabriek Kortrijk was granted to the contractor. The renovation works will start this year.
23.10.2021 - Ryhove Urban Factory is nominated for the Architectuurprijs Gent!
22.10.2021 - Construction work continues at Pussemierstraat, Eeklo
20.10.2021 - Transformation project Zele in preparation
18.10.2021 - The design team OMGEVING + TRANS architectuur | stedenbouw has been assigned as the winner of the design competition for the redesign of the center of Dilbeek.
11.10.2021 - Start of the exhibition ‘VerbinDING’ at the Design Museum Ghent about the new extension for the museum i.c.w. RE-ST and Carmody Groarke
11.10.2021 - Leietheater Deinze has been nominated for the Brick Awards 2022
11.10.2021 - Book Launch ‘ AS A THEATRE’ on Sunday 17 October, Leietheater Deinze
14.06.2021 - Today BPI Real Estate and AG Real Estate announced that the team TRANS – CES – UTIL is the winner of the design competition to transform one of the landmark buildings of the seventies at the heart of the European district in Brussels, the Arlon-Trier building. It will be the subject of an impressive refurbishment over the next few years in readiness for a sustainable future.
09.06.2021 - The Design Museum Gent and sogent announced the update of the museum’s expansion. With the application for the environmental permit and the preparation of the tender dossier, the project is entering a new phase. The foundation stone is forseen in the summer of 2022. The museum is expected to open its doors in 2024.
04.01.2021 - Proud to announce that Leietheater Deinze is nominated for the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2022.
30.05.2021 - Started working on the competition to transform the public pool of Kortrijk into a multipurpose facility for the students of howest. Icw Patine architecten. Another encounter with the work of Paul Felix.
05.05.2021 - TRANS has completed a design study for Voor?uit and looks back on an inspiring collaboration. Image © Voor?uit
30.03.2021 - Ryhove Urban Factory in Composite Presence at the Biennale Architettura 2021 by Bovenbouw Architectuur & Flanders Architecture Institute. © We Document Art
23.02.2021 - TRANS icw BC architects & studies and Arcadis is selected for the competition the Stapel, a large-scale, vertical and circular company building in Kortrijk.
12.02.2021 - TRANS icw Omgeving is shortlisted for the competition masterplan gemeentekern Dilbeek.
29.01.2021 - De Schoor was nominated for Archdaily Building of the Year 2021.
08.01.2021 - TRANS icw CES is shortlisted for the competition to renovate the S-shaped seventies building between the Trier Street and the Arlon Street in Brussels. photo copyright: Séverin Malaud
08.01.2021 - TRANS icw RE-ST architects, Petillon Ceuppens architects, Endeavour and Roel De Ridder is carrying out the feasibility study for the redevelopment of the Onze-lieve-vrouwe church in Zonnebeke by modernist Belgian architect Huib Hoste.
09.12.2020 - Bram Aerts will be introducing the lecture by Roger Tudo from H Arquitectes on 16/12/2020.
24.11.2020 - Leietheater Deinze was shortlisted for the Fritz Höger Award 2020 for Brick Architecture.
24.11.2020 - We are proud to announce Borgerhoff & Lamberigts and MER Paper Kunsthalle have published ‘As a Theatre’, a book about the Leietheater in Deinze, Belgium, designed by TRANS architectuur & stedenbouw i.c.w. V+ architects.
29.10.2020 - Leietheater Deinze by TRANS i.c.w. V+ was published in A+ 285.
22.09.2020 - Design Museum Ghent by TRANS i.c.w. Carmody Groarke and RE-ST was published in A+ 285.
17.09.2020 - TRANS was selected as the winner in the competition Deelfabriek Kortrijk.
22.06.2020 - Ryhove Urban Factory published in Flanders Architectural Review N°14 When Attitudes Take Form.
01.06.2020 - TRANS features in the thematic issue of A+ titled “The next Generation!”
04.05.2020 - TRANS shortlisted for an invited competition at the Plantentuin Meise icw Bressers and Gras.
04.05.2020 - TRANS shortlisted for the invited competition to transform the former firestation of Kortrijk.
27.04.2020 - De Schoor Turnhout was published in A+ 283
27.04.2020 - TRANS is preparing a step by step return to the office. The new office. We hope to welcome you soon.
16.03.2020 - TRANS continues to work at home til April 3rd at least.
09.03.2020 - TRANS will start working in a new office from the 1st of April, therefore the office will be closed on the 30th and 31th of March.
04.03.2020 - Proud winner of the Belgian Building Award 2020 Build2Work with the project van Hoorebeke Timber.
03.02.2020 - Lecture by Bram Aerts at the symposium ‘hybrid factory/hybrid city’ in Torino, Italy.
10.12.2019 - De Schoor, Turnhout completed.
21.11.2019 - TRANS IDEA RE-ST CLUSTER win the competition masterplan Arsenaalsite Ghent
20.11.2019 - We are thrilled to announce that we have won i.c.w. Carmody Groarke and RE-ST the international competition for the Design Museum Ghent.
17.10.2019 - Ryhove on show in EU Mies 2019 exhibition at BOZAR
17.10.2019 - Dockside has been published in A+ 280
04.10.2019 - preliminary design of RITCS Brussels has been handed in
01.10.2019 - Masterplan Pelt approved.
30.09.2019 - Info market Dienstencentrum Gentbrugge
31.08.2019 - opening Leietheater Deinze!
01.06.2019 - Ryhove was included in the EU Mies Award 2019 publication
(c) Pepo Segura
07.05.2019 - Opening exhibition EU Mies Award in Barcelona

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