De Schoor Turnhout published in A+ 283

City Made published by nai I 010

Leietheater Deinze published in De Standaard

Dockside Brussels published in A+ 280

Ryhove Urban Factory published in book of the EU Mies Award 2019

Ryhove Urban Factory published in A+ 273


Ryhove Urban Factory published in Belgium New Architecture 7

Kerkhofhuisje published in Provenciale architectuurprijs 2015

Cahier #003 Archipel

Cahier #5 Duurzame transformatie

Pilootprojecten Wonen

Pilootprojecten Collectief Wonen

Architectuurboek Vlaanderen n°11 2014

Pilootproject Schorvoort published in A+ 249

Keperke Dilbeek published in De Standaard

Open Oproep

Leietheater Deinze published in A+ 254

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